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Bridal Makeup
They say that the brows frame your face and the eyes and lashes are the window to the soul!
That being said, we take your brows and lashes very seriously and offer a corrective approach and
use professional products and our expertise to enhance... 
Eyebrow Shaping
Eyebrow Shaping
A gentle tidy up of the under and middle of eyebrows, using strip/warm wax or tweeze
15 minutes     $28

Eyebrow Sculpture

Eyebrow Sculpture

A more corrective shaping of under/tops and middle of the eyebrows, with scissor trimming.

15 minutes     $35

Eyebrow Tint or Henna

15 minutes / 45 minutes
Eyebrow Tint or Henna

Enhance your brows whether it be to cover your greys or to darken light brows.We can either Tint your brow hairs or use Brow Henna which leaves a tattoo effect on the skin which lasts longer.

Tint     $22
Brow Henna     $50
Brow Henna w Eyebrow Shape     $70

Eyelash Tint or Lash Lift 

15 minutes / 60 minutes
Eyelash Tint & Lash Lifts

Wake up to Luscious Tinted and Lifted Lashes.

Eyelash Tint     $32
Eyelash/Brow tint/Shape Combo     $70
Lash Lift   $75
Lash Lift w Tint     $89
Spray Tan
Using 2 hour Naked Tan, for a natural, long lasting tan - 5 natural shades from sun kissed to the ultimate dark.
15 minutes
Spray Tan
Half Body     $28
Full Body     $45
Course of 5     $180
Make-Up Application

Make-Up Application

60 minutes

Whether you are a beautiful Bride ready to walk down the aisle or student going to her formal or even heading out for a special occasion and want to be pampered with amazing makeup - at Christina's we can make your make-up application easy and look amazing with out range of ELES mineral and Harlotte Makeup range

Special Occasion      $80
Bridal       $90
Student Formal Hair and Makeup     $150
Bridal/Special Occasion Hair and Makeup     $180
Experience Christina's Treatments Today...
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